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tj and angie

I have this problem. I can never cut down on my photos I want to share! Tj and Angie are so cute and fun together.View full post »

orrin and hailey

I’m pretty sure we almost froze and I was scared to death I would fall through the lake. Aside from that, theseView full post »

alex + jenn | utah county film photographer

This was such a fun shoot. Jenn and her sister were some of me and my younger sisters best friends in high school. (IsView full post »

skyler & tricia

Tricia is my beautiful cousin :) I was so excited when she asked me to photograph their wedding. Enjoy this cute coupleView full post »

matt & emily

This couple was the cutest couple ever. They reminded me why I love photographing couples!! :)View full post »

paul + caitlyn

This was the first time I used Kodak Portra 400 for a session and I love it! I think it may be my new choice of film.View full post »

sneaky sneak- paul + caitlyn

Theeeeee hardest thing about film is the WAIT to get it back from the lab. A week and a half is the norm. I haven’View full post »

matt & taryn

We started out where Taryn was proposed to, which is the same spot that her mom was proposed to. How cute is that?! JobView full post »

fraughton fam in FILM!

I persuaded my little sis into letting me practice on them with film, they (she) happily obliged =)  This was the firstView full post »

justin and wendy

These lovelies are two of my favorites. I was roommates with Wendy all through my college years, and does she not haveView full post »

b & l engagements

I was so excited when Lisa contacted me to take her engagements while home for Christmas break, Lisa and I playedView full post »

meet hillary & ben

Hillary and Ben are SO CUTE together! A very fun and relaxed couple who both love to play sports. I had a ton fun and weView full post »

meet ira & cydney

This was such an easy, fun shoot. You can tell these two are in love, so it made my job super easy. I couldn’t getView full post »

introducing: cydney & ira

Here’s just a little preview for these two! Such a good looking couple! I can’t wait to post the rest.View full post »

meet stewart & lindsey campbell

Here are some more of these two, they are adorable together. They have been married a year and a few months. It was hardView full post »